What’s the Next Big Thing in Recruiting?

The “next big thing” in recruiting isn’t waiting for you around the corner. It’s already here—and it starts with you.


1. Refocus our recruiting goals and strategies. The fundamental goal of recruiting is to hire the best people in the most effective and efficient way possible. The “best people” part of that sentence doesn’t change; we will always be looking for top talent. But the meaning of “effective and efficient” changes constantly. That’s why we have to find solutions to scale our efforts, such as using recruiting technology solutions as part of organizational goals to send the message that talent is a big deal within the company.


2. Rework the use of tools such as mobile, social, and video in the recruitment process. By now, we understand that these tools are not fads or trends du jour. Our recruiting strategy must include them (regardless of how much we may or may not use them personally). HR departments have a real opportunity to usher in the next big wave of engagement with mobile recruiting, social sharing, and video interviews.


3. Revise your hiring policies and practices. If we’re going to refocus our strategy and rework the tools, then obviously we must revise our policies and practices. With the help of an applicant tracking system (ATS), we can streamline the hiring process. We can also create a more collaborative hiring environment. Building high-performing recruiting teams will be next on the minds of senior leaders as the search for talent continues to get tougher.


4. Refine the candidate experience. There’s lots of talk these days about the candidate experience and for good reason: the candidate experience affects the organization’s bottom line. What candidates think of your organization influences who applies, who gets hired, and who takes care of the customer—and therefore how well the company performs. Creating a candidate experience isn’t a “set it and forget it” strategy. Smart organizations will build talent networks to keep a constant pulse on what’s next with talent.


5. Redefine employment metrics and data. I once had a boss who was fond of the famous quote “What gets measured gets done.” We must make sure that our methods are successful. With data from our recruiting technology, we can establish the metrics that enable us to define success, evaluate our progress, and make adjustments as necessary. Technology takes the excuse “It’s impossible to determine those numbers” off the table.

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