New Trends in Company Branding

Employment branding as we know it is gone – and so is consumer branding. Organizations are increasingly merging the two practices together into something new: company branding which focuses on attracting and retaining customers, candidates, and employees.


Even though a recruiter might argue that his or her organization already has a company brand, what usually exists isn’t actually a unified presentation. Most of the time, under that “one brand,” the organization creates some marketing materials specifically to attract customers, other materials to attract candidates, and still other materials to promote the company internally and instill pride among its employees. But companies are increasingly recognizing the value in moving away from having “one brand” with three different types of marketing collateral and moving toward having a single brand with one type of marketing collateral that integrates messaging to all target audiences.


A recent GoDaddy promotional video, for example, successfully presents one brand to multiple audiences. It not only promotes the company’s products (domain registration and website hosting) to customers but also conveys a sense of the company culture to both job candidates and current employees. By following GoDaddy’s example and focusing not just on “here’s what we can do for customers” or soley on “here’s what we can do for candidates” in messaging, an organization can expand its outreach and do a better job of conveying its “one brand”.


There’s been a lot of important discussion in the recent years about how HR needs to adopt a marketing mindset. That relationship goes both ways, though: marketing professionals can benefit from adopting an HR mindset, too. Just think of the possibilities that open up when those two departments share resources and communicate with each other! This new “blended” messaging can be challenging to achieve, but when it works it can increase engagement with all audiences and elevate the organization.

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