Why Was I Hired? Part 1

Why did my organization hire me? That’s a simple question, but unfortunately it’s one that most people can’t answer. At one of my previous jobs, my boss took me out to lunch one day to tell me I was hired because I didn’t come from the industry and the organization needed an outsider who would ask questions and challenge the status quo. Not all companies are so forthcoming with their employees, though.

If organizations want employees to be engaged and succeed in their roles, they have to tell their employee why they were hired – not what they were hired to do, but why they in particular were chosen over anyone else. Hiring managers need to have an intentional, planned conversation with each new employee that explains the following:

What experiences made his or her resume stand out?
What knowledge, skills and abilities the company found impressive?
What did the candidate said during the interview process that set him or her apart from everyone else?

Such conversations set new hires up for success by giving them critical information that can help them do well at their jobs. It’s important for new employees to know what their companies saw in them and responded well to during the interviews. The knowledge not only gives the new employees confidence, but it also tells them which of their strengths to leverage in order to communicate well and succeed with this organization.

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