Why Was I Hired? Part 2

Just as hiring managers reveal the reasons behind their hiring decisions, employees should communicate why they accepted the offers to join their organizations. When scheduling this one-on-one session with the new employee, the hiring manager should let him or her know that the company would like to learn.

What about the company made the new employee apply there?
What things said during the interview process really impressed him or her?
What aspects of company culture really stood out during the hiring process?

Just imagine what this kind of conversation could tell an organization about its hiring processes! A company could discover which elements of its employment brand appeal to candidates, how they perceive the interview process, and what closes the deal when it comes to convincing them to accept job offers.

Positive working relationships start with building trust between managers and new employees. Ideally, an open and honest conversation about why someone was hired and why he or she accepted the offer should go beyond the manager saying “We hired you because we could afford your salary” and the employee saying “I came to work here because it was the only place that called me back.”

If having a formal conversation with employees about why they were hired isn’t already a part of your organizations onboarding program, perhaps it’s time to adjust your onboarding process. An open conversation in which managers explain their hiring decisions and employees discuss what drew them to their organizations can lay the foundation for workplace success.

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