Why choose recruiting agencies?

Recruiting Agencies

Why choose recruiting agencies?

Moving through the intricate and multifaceted process of filling vacant positions in your company or organization requires a lot of time, resources, and money. Advertising, screening, interviewing, checking backgrounds, training, and onboarding new employees all take away from the time you would normally spend being productive in your own position. These activities are all vitally necessary to successfully fill an empty position with the right person for the job, but there’s simply no denying that the hiring process is an involved and time consuming one. You may even get all the way through the process only to be forced to re-initiate it when the potential candidate changes his or her mind, finds another position elsewhere, or simply doesn’t work out. That’s where a professional recruiting agency can help.


Some of the advantages of using recruiting agencies to fill key positions in your organization include:


  1. You receive a higher overall candidate quality level. Since agencies search both active and passive candidate pools, they have access to more qualified individuals. The best passive candidates seek out the top quality third-party recruiters to keep them abreast of opportunities at different firms, which is a major advantage over using corporate recruiters representing a single company. To get an idea of the kind of candidates an agency can provide, compare a few of the people they send you to the people you are seeing as a result of using your own resources.
  2. You are free to spend your time focusing on more important things. With a professional third party recruiting agency working to find the best candidates for your vacant positions, your time is free to be productive for your firm, continuing to handle your own job responsibilities while someone else is narrowing the talent pool to the best available active and passive candidates. Convincing a person who isn’t actively looking to change positions to consider an opportunity at your firm takes more time than recruiting someone actively seeking to leave their current position. The best recruiters should be spending the majority of their time networking and recruiting passive candidates.
  3. Longer guarantee periods. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time to screen, hire, and train an individual for a key position, only to have them leave within a short time, causing you to start the hiring process all over again. The best third party professional recruiting agencies are usually willing to offer you a six month to one year guarantee period because of their ability to deliver stronger candidates. If they truly know what they’re doing, this type of guarantee should not be a problem.
  4. Streamlined hiring process. Because executive recruiters have the resources to deliver more qualified, higher quality candidates by managing the process from beginning to end, they usually don’t need to present more than three to four candidates from which to choose. Some third party recruiting agencies will present as many candidates as they can for your consideration, hoping one will stand out. These types of recruiters should be avoided.
  5. Motivated candidates. The best recruiting agencies focus on passive candidates who understand long-term career opportunities associated with a new job offer. This ensures that the person you ultimately hire will be more successful in the long run, because they understand that the offer you extend is based on current, actual needs as well as growth opportunities, not just the compensation and benefits package.


A third party executive recruiter will understand your hiring needs, whether they are frequent, infrequent, occur at regular intervals, or are ongoing. If your company hires frequently (or even nonstop), an outside recruiting agency can function as your human resources department, taking the bulk of work involved in hiring new employees off your plate. If your company hires on a regular basis, you may have a dedicated employee who handles recruiting in house but cannot always manage the number of resumes and applications received for every position. Third party recruiting agencies can assist and help lighten the load when it comes to screening. This allows your HR department to focus on the most qualified candidates. If your company hires infrequently, you do not need a dedicated recruiter on staff. An executive recruiter would be a great resource and wise use of your time and money under these circumstances.


The cost of using recruiting agencies will vary depending on how often you utilize their services, the length of guarantee period, and other negotiable contract terms. All legitimate recruiting agencies offer their clients guarantee periods, meaning if the candidate you hire doesn’t work out, you don’t pay, and the agency begins the search over. Some agencies will negotiate fees, others will offer various guarantee periods, and some will negotiate both. If your organization hires a large volume of candidates, or this is your first time using a recruitment agency, you should be able to negotiate either or both.


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