When to Use Temporary Staffing

Temp Staffing

When to Use Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing can be a useful element of your hiring and staffing strategy that can save you valuable time, money, and effort in meeting your company’s staffing needs and maximizing the efficiency of your organization. The traditional hiring process for filling temporary jobs and hiring seasonal employees can be time consuming, distracting, and inefficient. The Hire Firm can assist you in filling your temporary positions by taking the interviewing, vetting, and hiring duties off your plate, thereby streamlining the process of getting qualified candidates through your door. When you allow us to help you fill the temporary jobs within your company, you gain fast, easy access to the right people to help you through a busy season, adjust to changing workplace conditions, complete a large project, or cover a long-term leave of a permanent employee.


Expansive Network


With the relationships The Hire Firm has forged within the business community over the past three decades in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, we have developed a strong, dynamic network of resources to help your company meet its hiring objectives quickly, efficiently, and in the most cost-effective manner. One of the benefits of using temporary staffing as a tool to help your organization meet demands is the low cost of using temporary workers to meet objectives rather than hiring full time employees. With personnel in temporary jobs, you reduce your turnover expense, eliminate administrative costs and payroll expenses, and minimize your long-term financial commitments. A temporary employee’s pay is set by the staffing agency along with any potential benefits, and when the project is completed, or the temporary staffing need fulfilled, your firm is not responsible to pay out unemployment benefits.


Talent Pool


At The Hire Firm, we draw from a pool of talent encompassing a vast array of knowledge and experience across several industries and specialties. This allows us to quickly and efficiently provide your organization with qualified personnel to fill your temporary jobs in such vital areas as accounting and finance, sales and marketing, clerical and administrative, customer service, human resources, labor and light industrial, legal support, operations, and more.


Future Business Needs


When you use The Hire Firm to fill your company’s temporary staffing needs, you not only fill an immediate need with a skilled, experienced employee who can help relieve the burden of work from others, you also have the opportunity to observe how that employee aligns with your company values and performs in their assigned role. If the temporary staffing need should become a permanent need, you have the benefit of an employee who already knows what the position requires and has had the opportunity to experience everything filling that position entails. If it is a good match for both the employee and the organization, you have the option of turning the temporary job into a permanent position without the need for a further search, going through the interviewing, vetting, and hiring process again, or training and onboarding a new person.


Cost Savings


With locations in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, The Hire Firm is here to support both qualified candidates searching for the right opportunity, and organizations seeking to fill administrative, support, project, management, and executive positions in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We offer our clients not only temporary staffing, but also temp-to-hire, direct hire, and executive search services. Contact The Hire Firm today and let us find, recruit, screen, schedule, employ, and handle all the administrative functions of employment, saving you the cost and hassle of searching for employees in time of need and providing your company with the right personnel to help keep things running at peak efficiency, and leaving you free to do what you do best.

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