Temporary Staffing

We Know New Mexico

These days, flexibility matters more than ever. You need to be agile to respond to changing workplace demands, and you need quick access to the right people. Traditional hiring processes for short-term or seasonal staffing tends to be costly. Hiring the wrong person at the wrong time can lead to a host of unanticipated expenses.

That's Where We Come In

The Hire Firm combines proven HR expertise, holistic screening and employee-focused guidance to find the best fit possible for your skill requirements and company culture. Through our temp agencies in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we can help your company meet your hiring objectives without adding to your to-do list or breaking the bank.

Benefits of Short-term Employees

Temporary staffing gives you the power to pivot, and adjust to changing business conditions quickly. This minimizes your long-term financial commitments and maximizes the efficiency of your organization. When you use temps, you reduce your turnover expense, eliminate administrative and payroll costs, simplify internal operations and quickly meet increased demand.

I need a temporary employee.